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Want to thank you, Michael, for this list... would never have found any of these writers on my own. Who needs a search engine when we have writers curating other writers! Want to add one more here, if I may... a Czech-American literary author who has enough of a foot in tech to know what she's talking about. Looks like she just started but I love her style. Substack link is https://themuse.substack.com/

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Dear Michael,

can I highly recommend Rounding the Earth, by Mathew Crawford. (https://roundingtheearth.substack.com/) The breadth of Mathew's subject matter (fascinating and unbelievable backstory), his grasp of advanced mathematics and its relevance to the craziness of these times, his integrity and courage make him a voice of sanity. He is also a good writer with a sense of humour. Mathew is a friend of Dr Jessica Rose - another gem.

Thanks and excellent work!


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Great recommendations! Another incisive substack to add would be Pilgrims in the Machine (Paul Kingsnorth recommends it as well). Written with a focus on how technology and science are transforming what it means to be human, how it reshapes families (See How the Amish Beat the Prussians), and the rise of Fourth Industrial Age Technologies -the Fiat.

I have just recently joined the conversation on substack myself with School of the Unconformed which focuses on education, family, and the upheaval. As an educator I am particularly concerned about the brain-emaciating effects of social media on learning and attention (See TikTok-Time is running out to save our children's brains). I look forward to your continued writings on AI and its impact on humanity.

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New subscriber here—I have read these Substacks (with the exception of Jessica Rose) off and on for a few years now. Thanks for pointing out their similarities and for the recommendations. I also work in tech, for the time being, and am very interested in the cultural changes happening with the acceleration of our technological capacities.

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Thank you so much for linking to my Substack! It is very kind of you.

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