What is A.I. Supremacy?

I’m Michael Spencer, a blogger on futurism topics active in the past decade, follow and interact with me on LinkedIn here. See my recent posts here.

As such I consider myself a:


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My Growth in 2023

Premium subscribers get around 4 posts a week, that’s 16 a month for $8.00, so $0.50 an article, less if you take a yearly plan. Many of the articles are booked for premium readers or the majority of the article is.

Over a year that’s over 200 articles for $75. So this saves a lot of professionals time to follow if you truly are a hard-core A.I. enthusiast (like I consider myself to be).

My interest in futurism extends beyond just A.I., I also like to cover:

  • Quantum computing

  • Startups

  • Emerging technology trends

  • Venture Capital and investing trends

  • Breaking news in business

Talent Collective

If you are looking for a machine learning related job, head over to my Talent Collective on Pallet here.


Thank for your Testimonials. My new paid subscribers having given me some encouragement that I must be doing something right.

I started this Newsletter due to my passion for all things artificial intelligence, machine learning and as it intersects with business, society and technology. Typically posts read as a blog article, and not like a Newsletter with tons of links.

I wanted to create a space for A.I. enthusiasts, and not just another generic “This Week in A.I.” which Substack already had.

Source: Troy Angrignon. (LinkedIn DM)

It’s been a lot of work, but also rewarding as I cover A.I. stories from around the web, breaking news and some Op-Eds and special coverage all curated in one place.

  • Writing on Substack is currently my only source of income, so I depend on your support to pay my rent, food and other worldly expenses.

  • This Newsletters covers A.I. at the intersection of news, business and technology. I cover startups, paper summaries, op-eds, trending news from around the web and so much more.

  • Premium users get my full coverage, which means at least 50% more content.

Who am I?

  • I am a Futurist in Residence at Substack with a leaning to accountability journalism (anti-monopoly) perspectives. My Newsletter is too young to be recommended by Substack’s influencers or featured by Substack, so I’ve grown it from a list of zero myself.

I’m at the core an independent journalist with strong opinions about the future of A.I. I don’t pretend to cover my topics objectively, though at times I do. I don’t ponder content you will read in 30 seconds for several hours publishing once a week, I try to keep track of the fields I’m interested in.

There’s nothing really like my coverage of this topic on the internet today, in 2022.

  • If you are an A.I. startups or B2B potential partner looking to reach my audience of over 8,000 free subscribers check out my offer here. I do work with corporate sponsors. Though rarely and only when I see their business as syncing with a particular topic I actively want to write about.

  • Many organizations also enable the expensing of business Newsletters under learning and development budgets or ‘education’.

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Who are my Readers?

My typical audience are founders, executives, software engineers and those working in BigTech as well as startup founders and professionals who are A.I. enthusiasts of any kind. Really this is for anyone curious about artificial intelligence and its dominant future.

By Company

just a snapshot:

By Profession

just a snapshot:

My marketing friend Phil said something funny, noticing my critiques of monopoly capitalism and my sometimes surprising Op-Eds:

Financial Sustainability

Writing is my full-time job, I scrape by via contributions from paid subscriptions to my Newsletters, freelance gigs, the occasional Sponsored Ad and so forth. It’s a humble living, but rewarding writing about those topics of existential intrinsic interest.

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What is this Newsletter?

AiSupremacy is a newsletter about breaking AI News, sprinkled with some Op-eds. It was rated #1 in Machine Learning on Substack as of January 21st, 2022. I’d like to think it’s significant, but this category isn’t made public on Substack’s front page yet.

To get know who I am you can find me on LinkedIn here or check out my Polls here.

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Machine Learning

  • AI Op-Eds

  • Automation Op-Eds

  • AI News

  • A high volume Newsletter

  • Trends in A.I.

  • Future of Artificial Intelligence

If you believe in me as a writer, bookmark this page to see my Feed of new articles. I am humbled and grateful any readers and support. This is my full-time gig, I have no other job.

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Michael is an amateur futurist with 210,000 LinkedIn followers and a 2-time LinkedIn Top Voice. Obsessed with future topics such as A.I, robotics, quantum computing, startups, investing, venture capital, business and technology trends.